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Chenfang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd.(CF)
Chenfang Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. (CF)was established in 2017 located in Hebei, China. It is devoted to the development,manufacturing and marketing of a laser, nonlinear and optical crystals as well as optics. The emphasis is targeted on those crystals and optics that are the most important applications in laster technology. At present, CF not only has a large production capability in crystals of  Nd:YLF,Er:YLF ,Ho:YLF,Tm: YLF ,Nd:YAG, (Nd,Ce):YAG, Cr4+:YAG,Er:YAG,Ce:YAG,Yb:YAG,Nd:YVO4 ,LBO,BBO,KTP,LiF,etc., but aslo has the capability of fabricating various kinds of optical components, such as crystal rods, crystal slabs, bonded crystals, grooved rods, etc.. Customizing is available and all the products.
CF has established a whole set of crystal inspection and manufacturing controlling equipments. CF ensures that every pieces crystal are carefully inspected with the strict quality management system. We make every effort to provite high quality crystals and devices. It is our target that grows up into "the best global supplier for crystal and optics".